LCS Support Players: Ranking the Best for Spring 2024

LCS Support Players: Ranking the Best for Spring 2024

Hey gamers! Get ready for the lowdown on the LCS support players you need to watch out for in the upcoming Spring Split. It’s time for the LCS Support Power Rankings for 2024 – who’s the real MVP in the making? LCS support playersOlleh’s Comeback Olleh is making a return after some mandatory military service, … Read more

The Thrill of Multiplayer Gaming: An In-depth Look at Far Cry Extraction-Based Shooter

'PC Gamer' Turns a Blind Eye: Women's Contributions Ignored in Gaming History

A Look into the Wonderful World of Multiplayer Games The world of online games is full of fun and interesting things to do. For gamers, the rush of adrenaline that comes from playing with or against other people in real time is certainly something you’ve felt before. The extraction-based shooter that is part of Far … Read more

Health Issues Force Jungmin to Withdraw from NCT NEW TEAM Debut


SM Entertainment has made a surprising announcement regarding the NCT sub-unit known as NCT NEW TEAM, which was set to make its debut. The sub-unit had originally planned to debut with seven members, but one member, Jungmin, has been unable to continue due to health concerns. Official Statement by SM Entertainment SM Entertainment issued an … Read more

Maliq & D’Essentials Background Singer Releases a ’80s Disco-Inspired Single

Maliq & D'Essentials

Bringing Back ’80s Disco Music trends frequently return with a new twist, capturing new generations and eliciting nostalgia in old fans. Many musicians have revived the ’80s disco period, embracing its addictive rhythms and vivid tunes. Background vocalists for pop-jazz band Maliq & D’Essentials, Menuk, Meilita, and Herling, a dynamic three, released their first song … Read more

Bali’s Tambur Musical Instrument: Signifying War Commencement and Enriching Sacred Ceremonies

Bali's Tambur Musical Instrument

Bali, Indonesia boasts a rich cultural heritage, and one of its distinctive traditional musical instrument is the Tambur. With a shape resembling a drum but larger in size, the Tambur plays a significant role in Balinese culture, both as a symbol of war and an essential component in sacred ceremonies. The Origins of the Tambur: … Read more

Learning About Toraja’s Classical Instrument, the Pa’pompang

Learning About Toraja's Classical Instrument, the Pa'pompang

Toraja’s diverse culture in South Sulawesi includes a rich tradition of music, with various types of traditional music still thriving. One of these is the traditional musical instrument known as Pa’pompang. A journal titled “Pa’pompang Music as a Cultural Identity in Toraja Church Worship in Lamunan, Makale Tengah” from Satya Wacana Christian University explains that … Read more

Exploring the Rich History of Angklung: From Royalty to Religion

Exploring the Rich History of Angklung: From Royalty to Religion

Introduction Indonesia’s cultural tapestry adorns itself with a vast array of traditional musical instruments, each narrating its unique story. Among them, the Angklung stands as a UNESCO-recognized cultural treasure. In contemporary times, dedicated Angklung enthusiasts are resolute in their efforts to safeguard its authenticity. In this article, we delve into the historical journey of Angklung … Read more

Instrumen Musik Pentatonis: Keindahan Lima Nada dalam Alunan Harmoni

Instrumen Musik Pentatonis: Keindahan Lima Nada dalam Alunan Harmoni

Instrumen musik pentatonis memikat dengan kemampuannya memainkan lima nada dalam satu oktaf. Tangga nada pentatonis sendiri terdiri dari lima nada yang berbeda, menjadi salah satu jenis tangga nada tertua di dunia. Populer dalam beragam musik tradisional di seluruh dunia, termasuk Indonesia, instrumen ini menjalani perjalanan panjang yang sarat dengan makna dan ekspresi. Contoh Nyata: Ragam … Read more